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The Culture Dispatch: Crypto De-Cryted

It’s 2021, Cryptocurrency and NFTs have taken the world by storm and become heroes of dinner table talk. Elon Musk is tweeting endlessly about “Doge going to the moon” while the youth on TikTok is shilling the next “NFT avatar” that will pump 1000x and supposedly make millions of dollars.

But what does it all mean? Do you feel lost in the middle of this crypto jargon? We invite our Members to meet Anas Bhurtun and Danosch Zahedi (co-hosts of the Crypto Sheikhs Podcast, who first met at The Arts Club) joined by Navin Gupta, MD at Ripple Labs, who will help demystify key concepts and answer all the burning questions you have about how crypto is changing the financial world as well as modern culture and society.


Open today 8am - 2am
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