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A Founder’s Story: How Mohamad Ballout built Kitopi

In 2021, Dubai’s Kitopi became a unicorn with a $415 million round led by SoftBank.

Founded in January 2018 by Mohamad Ballout (CEO & co-founder) and his friends Saman Darkan, Bader Ataya, and Andy Arenas, it is today the world’s leading managed cloud kitchen platform.

But where does it all start? Whether from their parents’ garage, or from an enlightening conversation or from having been in the right place at the right time, some of the best founding stories begin like his. Join us  with Basel Mufta, general partner at Global Ventures, a Dubai-based, growth-stage venture capital firm, as he dives into the story behind this exciting Dubai-based startup with Mohamad Ballout, as he shares with us his journey as a young innovator.

Special thanks to Basel Mufta and Mohamad Ballout.



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