Nour Malas

Syrian Canadian artist Nour Malas’s (b.1995) Canne, France, emotive paintings employ movement as a muse. Using rhythmic force to build her lyrical canvases, Malas uncovers the meditative depths of pigment and the discourse between divergent shapes – relishing the moments in which they fuse together or interrupt one another.
Malas’s signature, often frenetic brushstrokes twist through the canvas, attempting to make sense of the complicated realities of placelessness, nonlinearity and instability in today’s society. In ‘Late Nite Walk’ (2023), Malas invites her viewer to weave through an exciting melange of line and colour without defining its beginning or end. Mirroring Malas’s description that images ‘are always running away from me’, the striking piece offers not only a glimpse into the artist’s creative process but also her proposition that painting serves as a physical expression of one’s deepest psychological states.
A very promising young artist, Nour Malas’s work has been shown across the globe and in late 2023, Carbon 12 Gallery debuted her first solo exhibition in New York City.


Late Nite Walk, 2023
Oil on Canvas
100 x 150 cm

On Display in the Brasserie, first floor

Open today 8am - 2am
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